New Construction Building Envelope Consulting & Field Review Services:

We provide building envelope consulting services on new construction projects ranging from single family dwellings to townhouse buildings and apartment buildings. AUM works closely with the architects & designers from inception to completion of a building envelope project. Our goal is to see every building enclosure meet both the code compliance and performance expectations.

Our services on new construction projects include:
• Review of the building envelope details or architectural details and drawings for their compliance with the Building Codes.
• Prepare the building envelope design details and documents for the Municipality.
• Review of the applicable shop drawings.
• Review of the submittals and RFI's.
• Perform building envelope reviews to ensure that the construction is in compliance with the drawings and specifications.
• Review of the key building envelope mock-ups on site.
• Conduct the in-situ window/door water penetration testing if necessary.
• Perform annual inspections.
• Prepare the maintenance manuals.