Our Services

New Construction

AUM provides building envelope consulting services on new construction projects ranging from single family dwellings to institutional projects

Roofing and Waterproofing Consulting

AUM personnel are RCABC approved roofing inspectors and AUM is a RCABC certified roofing inspection firm

Third Party Warranty

AUM provides detailed warranty review services and annual envelope

Building Envelope Restoration

AUM provides consulting services for building envelope rehabilitation projects

Energy Modeling

The purpose of energy modelling is to make accurate energy saving decisions on a building.

Project Management

AUM specializes in full range of project management services to our clients.


AUM provides building envelope consulting services on new construction projects such as single family dwellings, townhouses, condominiums, commercial/industrial buildings, high rise buildings and institutional projects. We work closely with architects, developers and designers from inception to completion of every building envelope project. Our goal is to see every building enclosure to meet or exceed code compliance, performance requirements, and owner’s expectations.

Our Services On New Construction Projects Include:

  • Review of building envelope details or architectural details and drawings.

  • Prepare building envelope design details and documents for the Municipality.

  • Review of the submittals and dealing with RFI’s.

  • Perform building envelope reviews to ensure that the construction complies with the drawings, specifications and Building Code requirements.

  • Review of the key building envelope mock-ups on site.

  • Conduct in-situ window/door water penetration and/or blower door testing.

  • Review of the key building envelope mock-ups on site

  • Perform annual inspections.

  • Perform third party warranty reviews.

  • Prepare maintenance manuals.

Building Envelope Restoration

AUM specializes provides consulting services for building envelope rehabilitation projects during various facets of reconstruction including the assessment stage, design, tendering, project management, field reviews and project commissioning

  • Replacement of existing wall cladding system with new rainscreen cladding system.

  • Replacement of existing windows/doors with new

  • Replacement of existing waterproofing membranes at balconies and decks

  • Replacement of existing roofing membrane systems

  • Re-waterproofing of parkade slab and patio areas above the parkade below

Our services on Building Envelope Rehabilitation Projects include:

  • Perform the building envelope condition assessments

  • Prepare the building envelope design details, specifications, and construction documents

  • Assist in the tendering process

  • Perform periodic field reviews

  • Attend the site meetings as required

  • Review of applicable shop drawings

  • Conduct the in-situ window/door water penetration testing if necessary

  • Perform the project management and contract admission services


AUM personnel are RCABC approved roofing inspectors and AUM is a certified roofing inspection firm. AUM provides professional consulting and inspection services for various types of roofing systems and waterproofing projects. We provide roof assessment, consulting and reviews on new construction and re-roof projects ranging from single family dwellings, townhouse, and apartment buildings to large scale commercial and institutional facilities.


The purpose of energy modelling is to ensure accurate energy saving decisions on projects and promote sustainable building practices. AUM’s certified energy advisors work closely with the project team to provide innovative energy modelling services for our clients, while complying with the BC Energy Step Code.

Our Services on Energy Modelling Include:

  • The BC Energy Step Code compliant consulting services for Part 9 and Part 3 buildings.

  • Energy Modelling Services for Single Family Dwellings, Multi-family, High-rise, Industrial and Institutional Buildings.

  • Net-Zero Energy Building Consultation.

  • GHG DPA sustainability requirements and the BC Energy Step Code.

  • Air Leakage Testing.

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Consulting.

  • LEED Energy Modelling Services.

AUM has completed numerous projects all throughout the British Columbia, ranging from single- family dwellings, townhouses, condominium buildings, commercial buildings, high rise buildings to large institutional buildings.


AUM believes in providing detailed and practical warranty reviews. The warranty reviews help clients discover possible warrantable defects to prepare for servicing of those defects. We also provide annual building envelope review services to our clients so that the materials and construction assemblies are performing as intended. The intention of third party warranty reviews is to help maintain the property as per the requirements of warranty provider.

AUM also provides Maintenance Manuals depending on the client’s needs. Regular and scheduled maintenance of a building is required to extend the service life of a building. Our Maintenance Manual contains practical information to assist building owners in maintaining the building enclosure of their properties.


AUM specializes in project management and contract administration services for our clients.

TThe project management services aim to achieve benefits such as:

  • Better coordination.

  • Team productivity.

  • Better documentation.

  • Improved product quality.

  • Better communication with clients to keep them informed of the construction progress.

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